Professor Jack Hollingworth Napper

Graduating from Manchester University in 1931, he took his first teaching post at the Hull School of architecture under Professor Leslie Martin. From Hull he moved to Kings College, Newcastle, then part of the University of Durham and eventually became Head of School at the new, independent University of Newcastle.

His ability to combine practice and teaching was a rare blessing and a great asset to the university. His belief in the value of research within the discipline lead to the founding of a major building science department adjoined to the School of Architecture and the pioneering of the double-degree structure in undergraduate studies which became the standard template for architectural training.

In 1946 he set up his own architectural practice in Newcastle, which today still bears his name.

He was also an active representative, holding posts as chairman of the Board of Architectural Education, vice-president of the RIBA and council member for 11 years and president of the Northern Architectural Association, until his death in 1978.