Montagu Court

Waring Netts Architects

Built in the early sixties on the edge of Gosforth by the town moor, the 16-storey Montagu Court stands in contrast to the expanse of the moor and terraced surroundings.  The building was designed by local architects Waring Netts.  The form has two main elements, the Y-shaped tower and a lower, seven-storey wing. By raising the building up onto slender pilotis the views from the building are maximised at every level and the deliberate form of the building emphasised as it appears to hover above the Town Moor.

The 80 private flats offered Newcastle its first luxurious, enclosed development and one of the apartments was the retirement home of city architect (and designer of Newcastle Civic Centre) George Kenyon.  Montagu Court also once boasted a public restaurant located on the uppermost floor of the tower which no longer functions.

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