Jesmond Metro replaced the earlier Jesmond Railway Station. Opened in 1980, and designed by Architects Faulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner the station is again assembled from the distinctive standardised enamel panels taken from the kit of of parts system. Like Haymarket station, Faulkners also employed the distinctive brown tinted glazing.

The Tyne and Wear Metro employed the use of modern art throughout many of the key inner city stations. At Jesmond Station ‘Abstract Murals’ (1983) by Simon Butler take their key inspiration for the enameled prefabricated ‘kit of parts’ using similar enamel panels but in brightly coloured geometric shapes to make key transitional area through the station. Moving through the entrance, glimspes in a secluded courtyard can be seen through the full height glazing. In the small garden hidden to the rear, ‘Garden Front’ (1977) by Raf Fulcher offers fragments of classical memorabilia in steel, stone and wood.

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