Haymarket Metro Station

Faulkner Brown Architects

Sited in a pivotal location between the Civic Centre, Newcastle University, the Polytechnic (now Northumberland University) and the bus station, the new station at Haymarket would be a gateway to the city centre.  A sleek, dark, low slung cylindrical pavilion, the station sat elegantly on it’s site.  Faulkner Brown Hendy Watkinson Stoner Architects designed the station according to the ‘kit of parts’ that they had set out for the Metro as a whole. Columns were set back behind the slick tinted glazing, with a heavy roof housing the building’s services sitting above. The delicate tinted glazing gave the station a distinctly clean and modern feel, all set off by Margaret Claverts signature ‘M’ for Metro and bold typography throughout.

The station opened in 1980. It was demolished in 2007 and replaced with a larger, bulbous building housing the station with retail above. Sadly, the replacement building, completed in 2010 was one of six buildings shortlisted that year for the Carbuncle Cup, a ‘competition’ for the poorest new building in the UK.

Images 1-2 copyright of Faulkner Brown Architects
Image 3 copyright of the Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums